The most high tec plug on the market!

  • Can be purchased in the following configurations – Disc only, Rock Anchor only, Disc and Anchor combination. Please select your configuration from the drop down menu
  • 24 discs per box
  • 24 rock anchors per box
  • Clear or black available
  • Disc Diameter 22mm
  • Stem Diameter tapers down from 10mm
  • Disc Thickness 6mm
  • No curing, no toxins
  • Will fit our standard black egg crate
  • Deep textured centre makes gluing corals easyl

Coralok Disc

The Coralok Disc is the core of the Coralok system. This is the central piece the coral is mounted to, but also acts as the hub for the other Coralok accessories. Specially designed to snap onto eggcrate frag racks, it also has a threaded female port on the bottom to allow attachment of accessories like the Rock Anchor. All attachments are made to work while the Coralok disc is attached to eggcrate.

Rock Anchor

The Rock Anchor with directional barbs allows attachment to many types of live rock, simply press and twist into a hole in your live rock.  The ability of the anchor to squeeze and expand means it conforms to a variety of holes sizes. The large slit serves not just to maximise its anchoring ability in rock, but is precisely sized so that it can wedge onto egg crate as well. Thread the rock anchor onto a Coralok disc or use it alone to attach small coral for precise placement in your tank.

Combined System

The Coralok disc and Rock Anchor are designed to easily attach to each other. Screw them together to create a regular sized plug or take them apart again if you change your mind, just unscrew them!  Want to elevate your Coralok disc off your rack so the coral doesn’t start growing everywhere, just attach the rock anchor to the Coralok disc, then wedge it onto eggcrate! With such diverse functionality the Coralok system is truly unique.