MarinePure has literally changed the way your tank can be run. The massive surface area, and huge potential for biological filtration has removed the need to design tanks around live rock. MarinePure has been so successful in handling the biological filtration that you can now run an entire tank without any live rock at all.

So how do you improve on the biological filtration properties of live rock? Simple, you use the Marine Pure rocks!

This fantastic new product outperforms liverock and comes with many more benefits.

  • One small rock has the same filtering capacity of 10lbs of regular live rock!
  • The rock can be sanded,shaped,drilled,cut and glued so it is extremely versatile
  • Has vast surface area
  • Rocks are light so displace far less water
  • Pest free
  • Phosphorous free and will not cause an established tank to cycle
  • No reefs are damaged in the production of the rock
  • Open flow porosity
  • Supports coralline growth
  • Reduces Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates
  • The small rock is roughly 6x4x3 but all shapes vary so please use the size as a guide only

If that is not enough, it actually works out more economically when compared to regular live rock!