MarinePure has literally changed the way your tank can be run. The massive surface area, and huge potential for biological filtration has removed the need to design tanks around live rock. MarinePure has been so successful in handling the biological filtration that you can now run an entire tank without any live rock at all.

This opens up many new design possibilities, especially when using ceramic structures which traditionally have been poor at taking over the biological filtration from live rock.

We even have customers running thriving frag tank systems, using nothing but the MarinePure Blocks!

  • The most technically advanced biological filtration media on the market
  • 1.5 Inch Spheres
  • Ideal for Marine and Freshwater tanks
  • 1 Gallon
  • One sphere has same surface area as 1350 bio balls!
  • Better value due to high performance
  • Allows for smaller filtration footpring and more consistant water chemistry
  • Ideal for use in sumps, canister filters and back chambers
  • Designed for Ammonia and Nitrite Removal
  • Far more environmentally friendly than live rock
  • More efficient filtering than live rock
  • No pests will be introduced to your tank using MarinePure, like which is possible with live rock
  • Can be drilled, cut, shaped and sanded

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